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CSA0491: Muffin: Reach final boss.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

Thou art I, and I am thou You are now MUFFIN.

Finally, I've reached the final boss of CREATE.SWF ADVENTURES! They're fun, but the games KIRBYM has been making with CREATE.SWF are weird. Well, okay, you feel like TOUHOU NEKOKAYOU was a perfectly good series of EPISODIC ADVENTURE GAMES, but this new ... ADVENTURE-GAME/RPG/DANMAKU hybrid is kinda clunky and bogged down with WEIRD POSTMODERN SHIT. And man, the CUTSCENES which turn into one second of gameplay where I had just enough time to react before getting knocked out were really weird, although I will admit they were pretty effective GAMEPLAY-DEVICES.

You do think the WALFAS CREATE.SWF is a pretty awesome tool, though, and I'm glad KIRBYM has been getting some mileage out of ... hang on, is that supposed to be FIRST PERSON or SECOND PERSON?

Jegus, this is just ridiculous, and this page was a stupid and terrible idea.

(Muffin can no longer accept commands.)

> Strife!

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Just so you know Muffin, if you were trying to go for the lulz factor you did well. It was pretty funny even if you say it was stupid to begin with.


Subtle commentary on Hussie's style as of late? Because if it is, I approve. So hard.

Not to say he's bad, it's just... yeah...

Dizzy H. Muffin

Nah, it's just this chapter's WEIRD POSTMODERN SHIT.

Docteur Hartmann

That doesn't make any sense! My head hurts!

And, btw, you're using a gamepad to play touhou? That's rare.

Dizzy H. Muffin

No, I'm using it to play Create.swf Adventures. :3


Whoah. That's awesome.


wait? create.swf adventures accepts commands in gamepad form?

this changes EVERYTHING!

>Marisa: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, RESET


also, KM, I would be careful, because you look exactly like someone else I know. which means one of you is a doppelganger, and you two will be forced to fight to the death if you ever cross paths.

unless you are the person I know, which could be strange and unlikely, but, with all the other strangeness that goes on around me, not entirely impossible


And, btw, you're using a gamepad to play touhou? That's rare.

No, everyone I know that play Touhou play with a gamepad, and I'm using a gamepad too. A SNES-USB pad, to be exact.


I use a keyboard, mainly because I'm an FPSer and it's what I'm used to using for that (console FPS games make me sad).

On that now: Obligatory OMG IT'S HID-*gapped*


Thou art I, and I am thou

Yay, now we can summon Muffin of the World arcana!

Or maybe not.

Dizzy H. Muffin



Ooo, meta-licious!

Also, "weid"?


Now I am definitely sure (read: unsure) of Muffin's gender.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh, come on, I'm not even trapping it up or anything :P


To me I do find it rare to see anyone play Touhou with a game pad. It's probably because I'm so used to doing massive keyboard work in most of the games I've played so far.


I play it with a gamepad when I'm playing on my HDTV, but with the keyboard when using the computer. SWR/UNL, tho, I find almost impossible to do any comboing on the keyboard so always play those with a gamepad (360 controllers, to be exact)


Oddly enough I can do a bit of comboing on the keyboard just fine, but it has to be certain chracters for SWR/UNL though. As for IaMP forgetting it's just to annoying to even want to replay on the keyboard let along to complex. Oh and how annoying Suika's Pandaemoneum card is along with Reimu's Flying Shrine Maiden card. Pretty much those were the two early versions of the Hax Cards that Suika can use, and also what reimu is known to do with a certain spell card.

But enough of my ramblings.