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CSA0456: Marisa and Alice: Look around for evidence, they can't have gotten far.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



You and ALICE cast out various MAGICAL SENSES and DOLLS while DAIYOUSEI calms down CIRNO. You detect that UTSUHO's outburst has raised the local BACKGROUND RADIATION to the equivalent of a truckload of BANANAS, and that it's dissipating fast enough that it'll all be gone by tomorrow. But if those guys are even still in the FOREST OF MAGIC, they're keeping under the treeline, where the local MAGICAL FIELD is masking them from your current DETECTION RANGE.

Hmm. You're starting to run out of DAYTIME.

> Marisa: Contact Reimu and Nitori. Let them know what's up.

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At this rate, that strained patience look on Daiyousei's face is going to be her default facial expression.


I don't know, for some inexplicable reason, Daiyousei is now my favorite character in this story. Perhaps it's because she has the whole "taking care of/babysitting idiots for little/no reason" thing (not to say that Masha is a idiot, but she doesn't know that much considering she's a newborn youkai).
On that note, I like the subtle changes in the light between daytime and evening.


BANANAS ARE RADIOACTIVE?!? If you will excuse me I will have to consult with my doctor about the possibility that I might be suffering from radiation poisoning.

Dizzy H. Muffin

No, because you'd need to eat like a million of them in succesion in order to get radiation poisoning. Which is the whole point of the article. :P

Formica Archonis

Yep. It helps put things in perspective. For instance, I was driving behind a truck Saturday night that had a warning: "NO LOITERING. Vehicle can contain up to 1500 GBq of Ir 192. Call 911 in case of any accident, theft, or vandalism." or something like that. The person I was with asked about the no loitering warning, and it seemed odd. I started translating the rest of it as best I could. "Let's see... 1500 giga... becquerels of iridium 192?" Which is when he asked if we should really be driving behind it.

And I was thinking "Damn, I wish I could convert becquerels to bananas. Then it would make sense to me." Still don't know, since becquerels measure radioactivity and bananas are an equivalent dose. Without more info it's, pardon the pun, apples and oranges.


No, because you'd need to eat like a million of them in succesion in order to get radiation poisoning.

...Oh dear...