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CSA0430: Be some other girl.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You try to be some other girl. It's hard to see in this SUDDEN SHADINESS, but you're pretty sure you are now CIRNO.

You thought you heard a noise down below.

> Daiyosei: Seduce Rumia.

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Well, taking in mind the characters involved I believe it's very obvious what will happen now:

>Cirno: Create a series of ice mirrors, and the use your vast trigonometry knowledge to reflect the sun rays directly into the unnusual darkness, in order to see what's happening in there.

Cirno: Given your abilities at making ice fitting for Galilean optics, create ice binoculars to see who where inside the darkness, since you know how foolish it is to dash towards the unknown.

Yes... just like a scenario made by ZUN himself XD

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