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CSA0410: Masha: Try the same tactic again to see what they will do this time.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Okay, then, you try being friendly. They are TOTALLY COOL with things now.

[FAIRIES on the forest floor will no longer attack MASHA or anyone accompanying her. However, they are really terrible at distinguishing "accompanying her." Or distinguishing her, for that matter.]

> Masha: Develop Summon Sign 「Fairy Ring」

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Hunter 1

...So, in other words, there is a random chance that fairies at ground level won't attack Masha or people she's with, or is it just whatever Muffin finds funnier that determines that?


I think it is a random chance due to the fact that if we think it's funny for the fairies to attack Masha and anyone accompying her it is possbile for it to happen now.


So they CAN be friendly...I had hoped.


Well they maybe friendly now but expect them to forget later on just for the lol's I'll bet.

Dizzy H. Muffin

The correct answer is "whatever I think is funniest will happen." :3