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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


ORIN: Yo, what's all th'noise 'bout?

SATORI: Utsuho was sleepwalking. Could you keep an eye on her, in case it happens again?

ORIN: Oy. Awright, leave it ta me!

ORIN: Yo, what's all th'noise 'bout?

SATORI: Utsuho was sleepwalking. Could you keep an eye on her, in case it happens again?

ORIN: Oy. Awright, leave it ta me!

> [S] I'll make you pay, all right!

> Days in the future (but not many) ...

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"No, seriously."
Oh, jeez, can't wait to see where this takes us.


Well Orin does have the looks to cause a traffic accident if you ask me. lol

In any case:

>Yasora: Messing with Satori was pointless, just as it is pointless to face off against the miko.

>Orin: Wonder what's wrong with your friend Okuu once more.


Orin: Retrieve arms from your cart

Set arms as tripping hazard if Okuu sleepwalks again.


>Okuu: Be the traffic accident
>Orin: Park yourself in front of Okuu's door


@ DiMastine: They're right there. In plain sight. Look they are flashing re- oh wait


Hell's traffic accident collects corpses. I'm sure she has spare arms for this use :P


Well it seems that she isn't too bothered with sharing her home with a possessive spirit of a sun god so I say we should accept her hospitality. As long as she isn't going to destroy you then why try to destroy her.

>Yasora: Fine. I won't annilate you, your family, pets, and home. Also I be sure that Utsuho will be back by breakfeast every night I go out. Anything else that I should know?

>Utsuho: Defeat the evil dream witch!

Orin: Watch if Utsuho/Yasora does anything suspicius.


That might be the safest bet to actually not be on the bad side of Satori. I guess it's almost like not wanting to be on the bad side of the miko, or the Yakumos for that matter.

>Yasora: Try and find a way to work with Okuu. I mean you're in her body after all.


>Orin: Get uncomfortably close to Utsuho. Proceed to irritate her just because.


> Orin: Retrieve eye from corpse and keep it on Okuu.


>Orin:Put arms back in cart.


Yasora: Grumble, gripe and pout about not killing satori, but dont do anything about it.
Orin: go see whats up with Okuu. Don't cause an accident.

Netto Takashi

">Orin:Put arms back in cart."

> Yasora: Try to possess Orin instead
> Yasora: Ignore Satori, your main target is that traitor Yukari!
> Yasora: Introduce the sixball to the nineball
> Yasora: Become Masha


>Orin: Go ask your papa/mama, Meiling, to teach you how to be a guard. Follow her explanations and fail miserably just like her.

(PD: Yeah, I have already read the list of romantic pairings, so no need for complains)


">Orin: Put arms back in cart" - Third.

IGN else


">Orin:Put arms back in cart." - fourth-ed

>Okuu: proceed to finish fighting the witch

Technature I the only one who doesn't notice the "you now control blah blah blah" thing? I don't think we can do anything with Orin...


Doesn't mean we cant try :3
"You've already got arms in your cart silly!"

Player Three

Is it just me, or does it seem like Orin would be voiced with a Kansai sort of accent?

>Yasora: Of all the...well, you may as well bide your time and try speaking to Utsuho later.

What? Someone has to prevent a time paradox.


@Player Three

yah the way she's speaking there is usually how Kansai-ben is translated into English. I've thought of her that way ever since seeing her singing with a guitar here (and a few other places since), because it reminds me of Meowth and his guitar, who speaks more or less (with 'nya's interspersed, and incredibly nasally) Kansai-ben


>Orin: Go to Okuu's room and stare at her while she's sleeping before falling asleep yourself a few moments later.

>Yasora: Resolve to only allow Okuu to hang around other idiots from now on so that no one else realizes your existence.

Tewi Inonymous

What? Someone has to prevent a time paradox.

What? No. We need to cause a time paradox.


Parsee: I have not appeared yet :Jealous:

Spirit Tsunami

Incidentally, I'm starting to wonder if there haven't been some reverse shoutouts going on. I know that there had been plenty of BLUHs in Homestuck when Muffin introduced it to CSA, but I'm pretty sure that the exact phrase "BLUH BLUH HUGE WITCH" didn't appear until the most recent update (at the time of this post)--5 days after Muffin used it.

This is awesome.

> Orin: Retrieve spare arms from cart.


Orin: Do something Adorable

Yasora: Start operation QQ.