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CSA0359: Excellent! Now, carefully go into the hallway.

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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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First post...

By the way, this would be the page 359, not the 355. Isn't it?

By the way...

Yasora: Be cautious. Satori would be by there. If she reads your mind, you're done.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Fscking autocomplete.


Mind-reading powers be damned, she's sleepwalking with a concrete cast over one leg. step *CLUNK* step *CLUNK* step *CLUNK* It'd be enough to wake the dead.


> Yasora: Wake the dead with all this racket you're making.


>Yasora: Go back and get that cat cup: you might need it as a hostage later.


>Yasora: Check equipment.

That's a cute nightgown, though does Okuu wear that cape everywhere?


Well, uh. That's awesome, Okuu.

> Yasora: If you are going to sound like a horde of elephants, you can just run into everything in your path.


That's actually a cute dress. Alice palette swap?

> Yasora: Try to get the cat cup.


Wait, about the walking with the concrete leg.....can't Utsuho fly, or at least levitate, like practically everyone can? And I figure that since they fly so much, they could probably levitate really easily, even when sleepwalking.......

>Yasora: Initiate levitation so your walking doesn't alert anyone.

Formica Archonis

Awww, cutest Hell Raven ever, powers of a three-legged crow or not.


That's a cute nightgown, though does Okuu wear that cape everywhere?

It's an awesome cape. Maybe she's like a little kid who gets a cool costume and never wants to take it off.

Spirit Tsunami

Agreed. Extremely cute.

I see no need for the cat cup, though.

> ==>

Dizzy H. Muffin

The pajamas are the same as Yuuka's. They shop at the same store.

Well ... Yuuka was ignoring the rules and shopping in the Underground one day, "oh hey, those pajamas are cool and stuff" and y'know.

As for the shoe-thing, Yasora did specify "carefully." ;)


Looks more like Lilly White's dress to me.
And -ED has a point. Okuu has that cast-stump thing on her leg; wouldn't that make a lot of noise?

>Attempt to open door. Failure is optional.


> Yasora: Okuu is hungry due to the lack of dinner, get to food before her stomach wakes her up.


Well this is going to be rather rough here. So let's try these two commands for now.

> Crefully look for your Arm Cannon since you may need it later.

> Carefully head for The Former City of Hell.


Yasora: Check Okuu's inventory to see what there is to work with.

Tewi Inonymous

>Okuu: Search for arm cannon.


>Okuu: retrieve nuclear arms from the sleeping mat


(6): forget how to open doors while asleep


>Okuu: Find someone to help you disprove the adage "you can't hug with nuclear arms"


>Yasora: Check inventory, then proceed to get your cannon.

Spirit Tsunami

>Okuu: Find someone to help you disprove the adage "you can't hug with nuclear arms"

^ This.


>Okuu: Wake up and go back to bed.

One more time should be ok :3 xD


Yasora: Float through the hall towards Satori's room, that is likely where she is keeping your Arm.


> Orin: Use cat ears to detect footsteps in the hallway and stalk whoever is there.


Yasora: what do you remember about the guncannon-baba?


>Orin: Open door in Okuu's face and cause exaggeratedly loud sound effects.