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CSA0296: Other Fairy: Be adorable like your departed companion.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


The OTHER FAIRY switches to someone more ADORABLE.

And then switches back, because this happened years in the past (but not many), and this SENSELESS SQUIRT is entirely irrelevant to the current story. Honest.

> Masha: Just assault the other one. But not with actual salt.

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Daawww... that adorable.

Kitsune Inari

Only mostly departed companion, you know. She's a fairy, she'll get better. (Insert TvTropes warning here)


Of course she isn't involed... for now I'll bet.


Senseless Squirt, huh?

Hakurou Musha

Farewell, dear Rumia Prime. Now you belong to the ages.

Spirit Tsunami

Ooh, good catch, CLY.


CLY, I've wracked my brain meats over this one...

What's the significance of Senseless Squirt? SS?


"Make herrr a member of the Midnight Crew..."