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CSA0272: [S] Daiyousei: Wonder where Medicine and Flandre got the patience to become doctors.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Er, anyway, you don't need to wonder. It's just how they matured over time.

> Well, search for Cirno, I guess.

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Alright, I'm ashamed that I didn't see that one coming, and that it took several seconds to realize what the joke was...

It's 2 AM, so that's my excuse.


I am ashamed that I didn't catch the pun until the second time seeing the line.


I'm reading it over and over and I still don't get it.

It's 5:10 AM and I haven't slept at all, so that's *my* excuse.

Formica Archonis

I needed the rimshot to get it.

(Shockz: Patients/patience.)


Either the joke is so bad that I don't even see that it is a joke, or it is so subtle and clever that I cannot detect it. Either way, I don't get it and require an explanation no good joke-teller is willing to give... (is it the patience/patients or something to do with maturity?)


Christ, now we have not only crossed over into a dimension of sight and mind, but of also sound. (Hums "Twilight Zone" theme music)

Player Three

@Saphyr: It's a pun that frankly would go over Daiyousei's head, since she doesn't understand English.

You mentioned what it is, though.


Geez, do I have to? I mean it's not funny if I Have to explain the joke. (warning, link leads to tv tropes, yadda yadda yadda, you should know this already). Ugh, fine...

It's a pun on the word "Patience". Think what the doctors usually call people when they're in the hospital and they're sick.