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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


AYA: Mima just kicked my, uh, butt.
MASHA: Wha!?
AYA: Yeah. That's really all there is to say on the matter.

AYA: Mima just kicked my, uh, butt.
MASHA: Wha!?
AYA: Yeah. That's really all there is to say on the matter.

> Masha: Let Daiyousei know stuff. Ask to accompany her in search for Cirno.

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...with what feet?


Ahahaha. Nice. :P

Tewi Inonymous

>Masha: Prepare for incoming mima, following defense "I'm just a stage 3 boss, what could you want with me?" play up the fact your just a humble moeshroom.

John Evans

> Masha: Ask to accompany Daiyousei in search for Cirno.


Kind of easy to see where this is going.

>Masha: Keep making spellcards and practicing Danmaku until who reach stage 9(ball) status. You can do it. We believe in you.

-stage 9 is one stage above Phantasm. Eternal stage maybe, seeing as what nine means.


Honestly, this didn't turn out too badly. If Yukari is being honest... And Mima goes away...
Yeah, we're still at DefCon 2.

No sense letting a perfectly good plot hook get away though.
>Masha: Ask Daiyousai if you can help her look for Cirno. It's a big(ish) world, and you could use some friends.

Hakurou Musha

So, we seem to be no longer under the watchful eye of our multi-tailed overseers. This would be a good thing objectively, but dammit, I like House Yakumo. Here's hoping Her Divinity is just lying again.

In the meanwhile...

> Masha: Well, we don't have to wait for anything now. Let's go visit Aunt Remi help out the fairy.

Player Three

>Masha: Feel your confidence growing now that Mima is not on your tail. Explain the latest developments to Daiyousei.

If she accepts Masha's help, awesome. If not...


Spirit Tsunami


> Masha: Ask to accompany Daiyousei in search for Cirno.


@Hakurou Musha

I like House Yakumo

now I can't stop thinking of Gregory House in Gensokyo...


Obligatory Touhou House parody post (note: site has NSFW advertisements).

At least Aya's taking it like a Bro.


well kind of disappointing that masha just lost her biggest defense so quickly..

>masha: work on increasing your power and making allys, aftera ll being a stage 3 boss with no help would be bad if reimu ever learns of you


Well since we're seen as "harmless" to Yukari that might be the up side to things. now it looks like we should get to the bottom of why Cirno was wrecked by that "Crazy Shrine Miaden" now.

>Masha: Let Daiyousei know that you no longer need to wait for anything and ask if you can accompany her to look for Cirno then.

For some reason we may need to have Masha meet Cirno since there maybe something useful out of doing that.

Tewi Inonymous

For some reason we may need to have Masha meet Cirno since there maybe something useful out of doing that.

There is nothing useful out of going into the territory of dangerous mikos to find the nineball.
In fact there is nothing useful about meeting the cirno ever, it's cirno.


So... I was thinking about it the other day, and I kind of wonder what would happen if Reimu shot at the danmaku measuring device thingy. Would it just come up as "Main Character" or something?


Even if it is Cirno, and she's in Shrine Miaden territory we probablly may meet that "Crazy" Shrine Maiden sooner or later. Besides last time we saw the red-white was when she was at Alice's place. For all we know she still might be in that area "messing" with black-white and quite possible Alice as well. Although I'm not sure what Shinki will be doing at that time though, but I'm sure that something is still going on there.

>Masha: Even if it's dangerous if you use your powers of moe the Shrine Maiden may not attack you. Also, block Yukari's current KAWADEC number, since it's Yukari and she doesn't want to associate with you anyways. Also, keep Aya's number just incase.


>Aya: After recovering from the "Dynamic Entry" Mima pulled off try and find an interesting scoop to pick up on.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Fusere: She's a Stage 4 Boss, as per IN and LLS. :3


So pretty much Main characters tend to end up with at least a Stage 4 status or better at times. I'm mentioning this since Sakuya became a playable character at one point, but she was once a Stage 5 Boss.

So in other words I think the power abilitys may actually flux from time to time. I mean look a Cinro, she was a Stage 2 Boss and is now a mian character in both fighting and danmaku. So in the end there really isn't a Main Character section on the Gauge since it would vary way to much. [/Rant]

In any case back to the task at hand:

>Masha: Ask Daiyousei if she has a KAWADEC on her, since she may be someone useful incase we're stuck on something later on.


@ KM: Actually, there is the possibility that she could be a Stage 7 boss, as in DS and Shuusou Gyoku.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Wolf: I'm going with "playability is unrelated to Stage." In PoFV, Mystia is "playable," — as is Tewi, a mid-boss. Also, remember that Fairy Wars has "more danmaku to account for the fact that Cirno is a fairy" (although I don't buy that, considering Cirno has held her own against Utsuho and Goliath Doll, and just look at fairies on, well, Stage 3).

@PriffyVoile: No there isn't, because DS does not follow the standard six-stages-plus-Extra format of Touhou games, upon which the entire scale is based, and Shuusou Gyoku is not a Touhou game.


@KM: Yeah that's pretty much what I was trying to get at in my litte rant there. With the whole it doesn't matter how powerful you are to become a "Playable Character" it just boils down to how popular you are to beomce one.


There's also CtC, in which she was the stage 6 and Phantasm boss.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, it also uses Flandre and Mokou as stage 1 midbosses. I thought I'd sufficiently established that, for the purpose of this discussion, I don't give a flying swearword about games which are not canonical Touhou games. CtC in particular.