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CSA0247: Masha: Flip the fricking-fricky-frick back... in?


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Okay, you get it into your head that calming down is really the SMART MUSHROOM option. That was rather ... let's just say "disproportionate."

> Masha: Continue to freak out, it's adorable.

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Formica Archonis

Double glompage? Yes! Hug like you've never hugged before! Because you haven't!


>Masha: Turn around, introduce yourself, and ask Daiyousei if she knows where you can hide for a bit from Mima.

Player Three

@Technature: I was waiting to be explicitly assured control of Daiyousei before I started making arm retrieval jokes.


> Masha: Turn around and say hello to the Fantastically Adequate, er Completely Useless, oh alright, Pretty Darn Great Fairy.


Masha: Spontaneously kiss Daiyousei

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