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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest




Or not. This isn't really going to be divided into acts.

> Save game.

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Spirits: BROOKLYN RAGE! (Also known as Save the Game)


Meh, obvious Disc One Final Dungeon (TvTropes thinguie, you know the deal)

>Player: Be someone who's on the real world (as oposed to Gensyoko, since it's only thing we can do), such as Mari-chan and/or Renko, and examine that funny magical barrier. Notice no manipulation of course, since you're not magical right now.

>Spirits: Hide so deep in their minds that you effectively become part of them so that, if they are examined any minimal difference could be explained by them being Outsiders.


@Saiai, Vramos: Renko and Maribel are already blocked.


>Spirits: Attempt to control either Flandre, Koishi, Satori, or Orin.
(I couldn't find those ones on the list.)


@Ed, correction to previous post

That case, anyone outside who may (or not) be able to see boundaries. after all, since WE know they are there, WE can influence them Outsiders to cross to Gensyoko anyway.


@Vramos: Oh, well if we're going to be like that, I can totally see boundaries just fine. I'll need a plane ticket, though.


@Mettan: KM already said the underground was out of range (remember, the SDM was as well). Think outside the box here. Thursday's update has been promised to be unexpected, but we can still try...

Like, perhaps, what if the Moon bitcprincesses decide to show up for a day trip.
> Be the other Reisen. No, the other one.


Argh, I hit submit and then thought of the punchline 5 seconds later! Isn't that how it always goes...

Why would we be able to contact either Reisen?

Because rabbit ears have great reception.


@ Mettan and @Vramos: Muffin already said that the big list just means that everyone is shielded. And in any case, the big list mentioned both Maribel and Renko anyway. You have absolutely no idea why their names would show up in a list of people within Gensokyo. Frankly, the notion baffles you.


@enlong Yes, that's why I suggested on my second post to be someone OUTSIDE, but not them. But then, I just thought something else. Like, for example:

>Spirits: Be Caroll Kirisame.


Sorry about the double post, but, wouldn't you find this footnote on comic number 121 curious? I mean, create.swf adventures with the kids? Hmmm. Why would someone say he's tired to make MORE of something he's never done before? Cause, as much as Muffin has used them with create.swf, after reviewing whole create.swf ADVENTURES, I haven't seen them there, or rather here. so, think about it.


I'm just going to say right here, if the story picks up 60 years later because the shield dissipated for some reason, I'm going to throw someone into the sun.
I will, I'm completely serious.


Okay, I just realized something that I can't quite place.
What was the sense of falling that Marisa had?


@Vramos: I think what KM meant in the footnote to 121 is that he has additional Create.swf adventures planned after this one. However, as the method of storytelling is considerably more complex (pacing, dialogue, animation, etc), he really doesn't feel like doing all that for wholly original characters. It's hard enough writing these things with mainline Touhou characters- at least then you have a rich background of fanwork to steal take inspiration from. With original characters you have to constantly think up new characteristics. Very hard to do on the fly.

@musicalExpirator: RE: Sense of falling
Dunno, good catch, I forgot all about that.


I cant believe this, but... Mima, save us! I know you want more fun!!!


Kogasa: Surprise the humans by not being shielded, and say boo!

Dizzy H. Muffin

-ED: Yeah, that's basically pretty much what I meant, except that it was simply the amount of work in and of itself. (On the other hand, by changing my update schedule to Tues/Thurs/Sat, I've made things markedly less ardurous, so it's more of a "maybe" than a "probably not." I'll still want to take a break, either way.) In my plans I had basically the opposite attitude towards using the OCs: the existing cast was more restrictive, and with original characters, I have more freedom. In fact, I was going to use these stories to help establish Carroll, Kon, and Sacchin's backstories and personalities. (And to let people know "what happened next" after RNL as far as the future-comics went ...)




???: Be the Dragon God.

What? He isn't in Gensokyo, more like somewhere between there, Hell, the Afterlife, and Outside the Border.

Beta Maxis

Not having checked what's next and knowing you, this will be awesome sauce.

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