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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



(Cirno can no longer accept commands.)

> Get a dreadful feeling.

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Joseph Staleknight

> Meanwhile, in the past....


> Alice: Resolve incident while everyone else is distracted.


Marisa: Don't go see Reimu. Get distracted instead.


well, crap.

remind me to consult the lunar calendar before going to the shrine next time...

Tewi Inonymous

Nooooo our nineball ;.;, give it back!
We must destroy the red-white.

Legion, it is clear, we need a defense against the red-white.
We need a weapon, Who can we use?
We need to strengthen the legion, what spirits can we add?


If we have lost the (9) then we have only one option...

>Okuu: Quickly retrieve arms from third leg

Hunter 1

Alice: Don't finish your mind shield; we're rapidly running out of people to command and it's likely we're the least of your worries...


Alice: Use ambiguously-sapient spirits messing with your head to make new daughter. One-up Shinki. With love.


Flandre: Take an interest in what's going on outside.

Shinku Tsuki

Remilia: quicky retrieve arms from the strange tea that Sakuya prepared

Tewi Inonymous




Dizzy H. Muffin

Enough with the babbling about captcha. Three days ban the lot of you.


Reimu:Begin receiving commands again.

...what? It's worth a shot.


Okuu:Visit Cirno.



>Morgan: Be confused and bothered by the progression from giving helpful commands to giving antagonistic commands.

Also, a side question. Is there some arm-moving command in create.swf that I'm having no luck finding, or do you have to photoshop it when you need arms in a non-standard position?


> Legion: Take over Satori. We may be able to give commands to the blocked off people then. Or just take over someone in general. Anyone. We need more power.

I think we just set off Reimu's 'Incident Resolving' mode. Speed is essential.


...I don't think we're the incident anymore, guys, unless Reimu was somehow able to detect us from us giving the simple silly command, which should've just prompted a silly or confused reaction instead of outright murderous rage.

> Marisa: Get a dreadful feeling about visiting Reimu and be prepared for an ambush. Whatever this incedent is, it might have gotten to Reimu.

Formica Archonis

Marisa: Give Reimu a call to apologize for being late and verify that she hasn't started attacking every flying thing that enters shrine airspace. Y'know. Just in case.


>Meiling: Retrieve arms from beret.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Morgan: I'm using Photoshop on Rumia's arms, sorry.


I'm really all for making peace with our Gensokyo penpals.

Player Three

We are running out of targets.

Desperation Mode engaged. Seeking new target, stand by...

>Legion/Vaguely-Defined Spirits: Be the Walking Flying Nuclear Reactor.