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CSA0129: Nitori: You can rebuild it. You have the technology.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


True. However, all future tests are going to be by prior arrangement and in controlled circumstances, or not at all. And you certainly are not going to try any pranks on MARISA between hearing there's an INCIDENT and hearing that it has been resolved.

Wait, hang on, where did that phrasing come from?

> Marisa: Actually throw Nitori and the pumpkin out of your house, not just figuratively.

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Weird, the title sound like something from a Snuggle commercial.

Formica Archonis

Weird, the title sound like something from a Snuggle commercial.

Because that commercial and this command are copying from the same source.

Formica Archonis

Wow, I sodomized that HTML, didn't I?

Formica Archonis

... except now it works. Thank you editing/moderating gods!

Dizzy H. Muffin

Look again. The "except when already in a link" functions in the "add <a href> to URLs" codes are now case-sensitive!

Formica Archonis

Ah, yes, lower case. Gotta remember that - what little HTML I've written has almost always been in uppercase. Don't know where I picked that up. Thanks for the info!