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CSA0123: Cirno: Beat up whoever's causing the Incident to prove that you're the strongest!


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


That's a silly idea! FAIRIES don't resolve INCIDENTS, MIKOS and WITCHES do! And sometimes MAIDS do, too. But not FAIRIES! That would be silly! You aren't going to try to do that because you aren't even remotely silly!

> Marisa: Is that an invisible pumpkin in the corner?

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You're making me cry here...

Delayed reaction to 122: I'd actually been going to suggest "Cirno: Things are getting too complicated and philosophical. Go attack someone for no good reason."

Actually, Reimu's refusal to engage in senseless violence is pretty suspicious in and of itself... It's so un-Touhou-character-like.


But but but, Cirno! What about your brave resolving of the Daidarabotchi and flower festival incidents? The way you gallantly solved those crises by beating up unrelated people was in the finest Incident resolving traditions.

Beta Maxis

Umm, didn't she take part in incident solving in your main comic? And that last line is a lie.


But mostly mikos, because maids love their masters more.

But you're Super Fairy! Not Nameless Fairy, Cirno!


Great Fairy Wars says otherwise.