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CSA0096: Nitori: Try and get to the Hakurei Shrine without anybody seeing just for fun.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Tempting, but no. Getting blasted out of the sky by a short-tempered SHRINE MAIDEN often offends.

You take off, intending to fly straight towards the Shrine, in full view for as long as possible.

> Nitori: Stop not being Cirno.

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> Nitori: Very quickly attach tracking device to pumpkin before it escapes.


Er, also.

> Nitori: Mentally consider the genius of your battery charger, too, by thinking to yourself how it works and such.


Nitori: See if you have enough loose change to fashion something passing for a donation at the shrine.


> Nitori: Check Seihou Nekokayou's spinoff, Create.swf Adventures, on Palmtop Computer.

Young Demon Lord

> Nitori: Okay. To the Hakurei Shrine with thee! Then, try to get from the Hakurei Shrine to the Moriya shrine without being seen.


Seconding teejeh.

> Check Seihou Nekokayou's spinoff, Create.swf Adventures, on Palmtop Computer.


>Nitori: Can you use the stealth camouflage on the pumpkin?


> Star Sapphire: Detect the incoming command for Nitori to fly to the shrine. Tell your counterparts.
> Sunny Milk: Make Nitori invisible.
> Luna Child: Make Nitori silent.
> Nitori: Attempt to communicate with shrine maiden.


> Nitori: get spotted by everyone in Gensokyo.


> Nitori: Take Reimu's mood into consideration before rushing to the Shrine.


Nitori: *gasp* A human!


> Nitori: Notice new contact in Kawadec directory, wonder who in the Hells gave her one.