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CSA0085: Marisa: Show off YOUR new Spell Card!


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



With a stock-animation that looks silly due to the fact that you're facing the opposite direction, you give that ice-fairy what for. In fact, you hit her so hard, she can now accept commands again!

> Cirno: Throw a tantrum.

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John Evans

>Cirno: Swear fealty to Marisa.

But seriously folks:

>Cirno: Forget why you were fighting at all and go back to helping Marisa.


> Marisa: Try to raise Reimu on the com again.
> Cirno: Vow revenge. Ten seconds later, find a frog and forget all about that.


> Cirno: Ask Marisa to throw more pies, and eat them
> Marisa: Be Nitori.


> Cirno: À la modus: 「Eye Scream For I Cream You」


> Cirno: Eat Pies


> Marisa: Warn Cirno about stairs.

I have something planned.


>Cirno: Boomies. Forget that you started the fight. Consume mushroom.


>Cirno:Use codec to pester someone.

(May take a while before this makes sense, but I think this comic needs more pestering.)

Unfortunately, Mima probably not having a codec precludes jokes based on the domain name.


Cirno: Go into epileptic shock from bright spellcards.
Marisa: Collect point and power items from defeating Cirno.


>Cirno: Is your ice sword a spellcard? Use it anyway.

Rain of blood over Elisyum

Cirno: Become Advent Cirno.


Cirno: Counterattack with Chilled Card [Watermelon Fall -Seeds-]

Young Demon Lord

> Alice: Stop being Marisa.


>>Cirno: Melt into a puddle of water and pie filling. Don't forget to give the thumbs-up (and an iconic exit line foreshadowing your imminent regeneration) as you go.


> Marisa: Collect spoils of victory.
> Marisa: Return home to do your research.
> Cirno: Be the other strongest.


...Aw carp, I can't think of anything halfway relevant. I've got pumpkins that may or may not exist on the brain.


>Cirno: Put ICEing on the pies.

Seaside Messenger

>Meiling: Almost succeed in dodging a flying pie to the face out of frickin' nowhere


Don't forget to give the thumbs-up (and an iconic exit line foreshadowing your imminent regeneration) as you go.

"I'll be back"?

Or you could go for an ironic exit line:

I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!


@Arcc: Cirno isn't MADE of ice, dumbass nineball!