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CSA0083: Marisa: Don't do it, IT'S A TRAP!


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Wait a minute, you remember this variation -- it was one of the ones featured in GRIMOIRE OF MARISA II. Yeah, there's no way you're going near that spot.

> Marisa: Catch an ice bullet and taste it.

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Orreries sun + Lay-zor.


Marisa: Continue dodging while using the Magic Missile Shot type.


Digara says Orreries sun + Lay-zor.

And I agree.
Maybe mix it up with some of those star-shaped marshmallow danmaku bullets?

John Evans

>Marisa: Orange stars, green clovers and blue...wait, Cirno already has those covered...


>Cirno: Facepalm and start planning a variation where the ice crusher is slightly homing.

>Marisa: Use the precious thing. Love Sign: Non-Directional Laser.


> We've got the grazin', now make with the boomin'! Stars would be preferable, but as long as Cirno is being pelted with danmaku, it's all good.


Marisa: Piemaku Spam!
Cirno: Facepalm and start planning a variation where the ice crusher is slightly homing.

Kitsune Inari

> Marisa: Cast "Perverse Love 「Easy Harvest Master Spark」" while loudly stating that YOURA FIRIN' YAH LAZOR
Or alternatively,
> Marisa: Dash at full speed through both the "safe spot" and (9) herself with "Blazing Star 「Stardust Reverie」" (or whatever the name was), trying not to let Cirno enough time to SMASH counterattack.

Kitsune Inari

<Edit request>: Sorry, I intended to <strike> the "SMASH", not to <spoiler> it. Please remove this request afterwards.


Cirno: Do the Wily Eyebrow wiggle.


>Marisa> Time to test out your new spell card! Pie Sign 「Hot Apple Filling Spark」!


>Marisa: Broken Heart~[Scatter Spark]

...wait, the Mini Hakkero can't do that yet.

Rain of blood over Elisyum

>Marisa: Make her another brokenhearted LOVE SIGN [Embers of love]!! (another stolen spellcard?)


> Marisa: Make use of the second safespot... RIGHT BEHIND HER.



Finally, I come up with a good word beginning with A for "pick up the opponent and run off with them"...


>Marisa: shower Cirno with star-type non-spell and try to capture card.


Marisa: Catch an ice bullet and taste it.