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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



You aren't sure which part of this the silliest. But that was a very MARISA thing to do.

Yeah. Neither of you is particularly big on THE MUSHY STUFF.

> Alice: Do it, man. Make this hapen.

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>Cirno: Mess around with the Codec.


> Alice: Eat lunch.
> Cirno: You were going to the forest to show off your spellcard, right? Do so.
> Marisa: Hmmm, you could go to Hakurei Shrine...or you could continue with getting the biggest power-up you will get for the rest of eternity. Being Marisa, the choice is obvious. MUSHROOMS H...AUGH DAMMIT CIRNO

Tewi Inonymous

>Alice: Create new doll to be test subject for experiment.

I'm going to cause a time paradox somehow!

Naughty Eirin

> Alice: Eat the sandwich calmly, relax for a moment, then continue with your experimentation.


>Alice: Think up devastating pun about mushrooms and mushy stuff.

Young Demon Lord

> Alice: do this man, MAKE THIS HAPEN.


>Mima: BORED! Kick the door open.


>Marisa : Leave Alice for Patchouli
<---Isn't fond of the AlicexMari pairing.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Good for you, but this is my site, set in my continuity, and I do like AlicexMarisa, so we're doing things my way. ;)


Well sorry. not my fault me and my girlfriend cosplay for the PatchiexMari couple...

They make a better couple than Alice and Marisa do. >>


Alice: Proceed to consume sandwich before Yuyuk-- AUGH DAMNIT


> Make sure door is not blocked


Oh, hey, didn't know you accepted commands over here.

> Reimu: Get perespective switched to. Reveal that you can't answer codec because you keep falling down the Shrine steps. IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

> Alice: Enjoy sandwich.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Marisa: I think it's more accurate to say that you personally like Patchouli and Marisa better as a couple. That's perfectly okay, and I'm glad you enjoy cosplaying it with your girlfriend. It's just that trying to force your personal preferences onto someone else on their own website, when they have the exact opposite opinion, never ends well and has a zero-percent success rate. (In fact, I know some people who, if you tried that on their website, they'd immediately ban you and delete your posts, with or without flaming your inbox up.) So, I think the best thing to do is just live and let live.

(And let's not even get into the fact that Touhou canon is vague enough that you can argue that anything in fanon is "objectively better" than some other bit of fanon ...)


> (60? years) Marisa, Alice: Interrupt explaining the facts of life to Caroll and Shanghai. Make popcorn.

Well, since Alice succeeding in her plans results in one daughter, I figure it's not that far-fetched a guess on what the mushrooms are for.


>Marisa: Go to Hakurei Shrine, to see if Reimu's incident-radar has picked anything up yet.

Also, Marisa/Cho-Marisa 4 ever!


Fine, I'll make one that's not against you.

>Alice: Make Marisa a sandwich for Marisa's lunch


Alice/Marisa/Patchouli is a better couple, because it's three people!

... Wait, that argument is based on Love Hina, not Touhou canon or fanon...


>Be Mima.


Guys, guys, chill out. Its obvious that Alice's one true love is the Goliath Doll.


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

This is such nonsense. Everyone knows Alice / Five Magic Stones is the One True Pairing. It's sooo obvious. I have reams of canon backing me up on this.


Speaking of pairings, why not do Rengeteki x Mokutou? They're ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

(Also, 9 for the CAPTCHA)


@Morgan: Adding Nitori to the mix would be even better!