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CSA0059: Marisa: Take mushrooms, examine if you have enough for experimentation.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You could use a few more. In addition to the USELESS BLACK SPOTTED MUSHROOM and the blue FAIRY SPIRIT MUSHROOM, you have acquired:

- A RAW ORANGE MUSHROOM and a PUCE MUSHROOM, each of which contains power that's equally useful for explosions and non-explosions (though less-powerful than the USELESS one);

- A MAUVE BLAST MUSHROOM, which seems to bring out extra non-destructive magic if you prepare it properly beforehand, and simply blows up the experiment if you don't; and

- An ICE MUSHROOM, which was the only one that suffered no damage whatsoever from being frozen (you can convert elemental magic into non-elemental magic).

> Nitori: Attempt to find Reimu.

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Dancing Mushrooms! =D