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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest




GENSŌKYŌ has access to the OUTSIDE WORLD's internet; it's just that it's always been one-way. You have no idea what's up with that flashing green stuff, but you've gotten used to it by now. You are struck by a sudden annoyance as you can't remember what was going on the last time you checked.

Oh, yes, you were going through another ARCHIVE BINGE of HOMESTUCK. Yeah, this was right when GAMZEE was first introduced, wasn't it? You've always felt that he was kind of awesome, in his own way.

You are also momentarily distracted by SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF, a webcomic created by one of HOMESTUCK's characters. The great part is, it takes much more effort to create something so deliberately terrible than it would to make something of actual high quality. Ahh, irony.

You still can't believe how much the HOMESTUCK FINALE blew everyone's minds.

> What do you need to do to prepare your kitchen?

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Shit is now META. I'm loving this.

Dizzy H. Muffin

By the way, regarding certain recent revelations about Gamzee: there are no contradictions here. ;)


True enough. Outdamaging everybody else despite being a stoner (not anymore though *shivver*) definitely is awesome.


Just as a quick question. Muffin, did your post here turn off the auto-closing of the comments on this topic?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, I can still post in auto-closed pages, and I changed the system to "most recent post" instead of just "last modified" ...

Dizzy H. Muffin

I was looking through this for other reasons, but: that last line, on the other hand, did not age well.