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Everywhere Quest #0030: Small Talk


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> So, where does (or did) she play?

You recall Richard Devilish, Jr. namedrop the Brighton City Metas right before one of the others said everyone thought Prayer's Mania got her a few weeks ago. Presumably this is the same Brighton City you're in right now.

> "Did she do that stuff in the background?"

"Nah, I said I had to rescue her," says the Baroness. "Doctor Devilish Sr. bet on the LA Philosophers while Jenny was at the top o' her game. Let's jus' say he's a reeeeeeal sore loser."

> So she's somewhere on the antihero spectrum?

"Just a b-ball playa, she didn't touch the crimefightin' or villainbeatin' that goes on in here." She shrugs. "So, yeah, for certain definitions of 'antihero,' sure. Aw maaaaaan, here's the press."

The boardwalk is still being blocked off by the police, and it's lousy with news vans here, too. You think you can even see some of the same reporters who showed up where you fought B-Gator. One of the police officers gives you and Baroness Furymurder a harried, pleading look.

"Looks like we got nowhere to go but forward," says the Baroness.

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>Go forward.