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Everywhere Quest #0031: And Now, The News


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> Can you take someone with you to somewhere you step across to? If so:
> Can you shift to somewhere in the relative area?

Yes, but that increases the difficulty by 5 levels, which would bring the difficulty of "just landing in the same city" up to 30.

> Go forward.

You and the Baroness stride forward. The reporters all begin chattering at once, asking questions and trying to get responses. The Baroness waves her hands for silence. "Okay, folks, I can't say much cuz this's an ongoin' investigation —" One of the police visibly exhales with relief. "— buuuut Jenny Everywhere here's gonna be help us figure out what's goin' down."

"Hi," you say, giving a noncommital wave.

"Not gonna lie, there's been a bunch o' damage to the boardwalk from the Chaos Dunk, but I'd say this half of the city is completely safe for news reporters now." That gets a chuckle and a few scattered cheers.

> Don't give them an interview.

You get your coolkid on and just keep going forward, ignoring the questions they throw at you. With your superhuman Pulchritude, they start giving you a reasonably berth. After a moment, they start making noise about heading over to the damaged area on the boardwalk. You hear sirens in the distance, as the disaster crew starts getting the word that it's safe for them.

"I'll take you to the Lethal Heroes HQ," says the Baroness. "We're dangerous enough that the Prayer's Mania case has kind of fallen to us by default — he's exactly small-time enough that the big invincible heroes don't bother with him — so we have the most up-to-date info."

> _

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