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Everywhere Quest #0017: "Rules of Nature" Goes With Everywhere


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> Destroy the missiles to obtain useful nanopaste.

With a series of dropkicks, you make short work of all the missiles. They leave behind obtain a distinct lack of explosions, which is highly useful to your continued existence. It's like you got free healing out of this, or something!

You stop when there's one left, because B-Gator's getting ready to attack you again. Better think fast!

> At this point, we've probably figured out where it's cameras or other visual apparati are. Let's Scrap-Fight a Rock straight into those.

You're on a beach, and there aren't any immediately obvious rocks around, but hey, you've got plenty of scrap metal lying around now!

You roll for Scrappy Fightin': <5><2> + 13 = 20. B-Gator rolls for Brawn: <4><2> + 9 = 13. B-Gator takes the maximum 6 points of damage to Brawn.

B-Gator tries to pound you with both of its b-ball fists. You grab two smashed fins from the missiles and jump over the attack, then you run up the B-Gator's arm with your life on the line, jamming the fragments into its barely-visible camera-eyes. It roars and flails, arming its guns again.

> Shout out that it's your pulchritude that's keeping you alive, preferably as sassy as possible, in an attempt to confuse it to destruction.

You roll for Pulchritude: <4><4> + 19 = 27. B-Gator rolls for Armaments and Artillery, at a -6 penalty due to being blind: <1><3> + 16 - 6 = 14. B-Gator takes the maximum 6 points of damage to Armaments and Artillery.

You swaggaliciously lean out of the way of the only laser beam that comes near you; it blows up a sand dune nearby but otherwise causes no damage. "It's my pulchritude keepin' me alive!"

> See if you can throw one of the un-exploded missiles at the damaged knee to blow it off entirely.

Well, okay, you didn't specify what Capability you should use, but this sounds like Brawn: <6><1> + 10 = 17. B-Gator also rolls for Brawn, at a -6 penalty due to being blind: <1><5> + 3 - 6 = 3. B-Gator takes the maximum 6 damage to its Brawn, and loses the fight.

You grab the remaining missile, grunting with the exertion, and heave it at B-Gator as it blindly tries to stomp on you. You then somersault out of the way as the missile goes off, taking B-Gator's leg with it. With a mighty groan, it starts to tip over, with sparks and sparkles and smoke emanating from ... well, everywhere. You turn and dramatically stroll away, as B-Gator explodes behind you, sending sparks and flames past you from behind.

You now happen to be facing back the way you came. You've picked up an audience: Slinus Segall is there, along with the short guy, an eight foot tall woman in a trenchcoat with her brown hair in a bun, and a redheaded woman in a black suit similar to Slinus and the short guy. They're all staring at you in surprise and shock — exactly as if they'd just watched an unarmed and underpowered kid take down a Mechazaud Gear, as it were.

> Strife complete.

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>Loot the remains of the Meckazowde Gear.