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Everywhere Quest #0018: Post-Boss


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> Shoot them a look that shows you still being calm and collected even after that.

You smile easily. "Yo."

The redhead is the first to recover. "Hello," she says. "I'm Hallianna Bernstein, A.K.A. the Silent Singer. You've already met the Dragging Dirk," and here Slinus nods, "and it seems you were eating at the same time as the Crazy Demolisher."

The short guy waves. "Richard Devilish, Jr.," he says.

"And behind me is the Heavy Breakdown," says the woman you now know to be Hal.

"Hello," says the giant woman, smiling. "I'm Cheryl Duchovny."

"We're a group in the Mercenary Consortium," Hal continues. "The Million Cents."

"So ... ten thousand dollars?" you say, eyerbow raised.

"Toldja she'd say it, pay up," Richard stage-mutters to Cheryl.

"Okay, let's not mince words," says Slinus. "That thing? It let you beat it."

"Yeah, I figured that out a couple rounds in," you say. "Could I have an actual definition of 'Mechazaud Gear'?"

"Walkin' tanks, or robots," says Slinus. "They use magic to power 'emselves and add extra defense, cuz they ain't practical otherwise."

"The first one was made by the Nazis," says Richard. "Wasn't a good proof-of-concept, since Hitler died in the pilot seat."

"So, in this timeline, Hitler was the final boss of World War II?" you say.

"Yeah, sure," says Richard.

> "Well, that was fun. I don't suppose any of you are familiar with a 'Jenny Nowhere?'"

"She was playin' for the Brighton City Metas," says Richard. "She's so good at b-ball, I bet she could pull off a Chaos Dunk!"

"No she couldn't," says Hal. Slinus rolls his eyes, and Cheryl chuckles. This is clearly not the first time they've had this exact argument before.

"I saw the message on the front of that Gear," says Cheryl. "She went missing a few weeks ago, and everyone thought that Prayer's Mania had gotten her."

"That B-Gator went missing at about the same time," says Slinus. "Looks like they were connected, after all."

> Loot the cool shit.

The five of you examine the remains of Mechazaud Gear B-Gator. It doesn't seem to have anything interesting there that would be particularly safe to store in your inventory; just a lot of scrap metal.

"I'm-a need some time and space to figure this shit out," says Richard. For the first time, he seems to have the seriousness of a forensic investigator. "I mean, if it was just reprogrammed, there's no way in hell we'll find anything since its cyberbrain looks like it got crushed and then blown up, but ... aw, hell, here come the reporters."

Several news vans are approaching from the city; however, they're being blocked off by police.

"Looks like th'pigs ain't ready to declare the beach and the boardwalk safe," Slinus remarks casually. "Keep goin', Dick."

> _

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>Mention the possibility of the Gear being modified to be remotely controlled.


> Jenny: Use Detective and see what compiles and contains the magic and, if possible, scavenge for possible future uses.