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CSA0803: Meimu: Add some danmaku to Shanghai just for the little troubles she caused.


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Oh my! What a flagrant disregard for the Spell Card Rules. That sort of thing is eventually going to come back and bite you, you know. Or rather, you don't know, because if there's one thing you're good at, it's not learning from your mistakes.

And now I'm going to have to pacify Marisa and Alice before they attempt to murder you.

> Meimu: Check to see what your current score is.

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>Vent on some stray fairies on our way... and on a related note, what spellcards do we have?

Kaze Koichi

> Go and clear their game because you were totally not railroaded into it.


>Begin attempt to stop the new shrine maiden. Any of your mom's current plans probably are not good for your long term goals.


Ouch. Poor Shanghai...


>Become the new shrine maiden, replace that stupid girl they sent!


Wow nice RAGE Quit with the converastion there, and yes I think Shanghai was more or less pushing her there so it was kind of an expected outcome. :3

Well with that being said:

>Meimu: Enter as player 3 since usually games like these have a surprising 3rd player in the mix.


Oh yeah just in case Meimu runs into Caroll at all:

>Meimu: Brag about managing on taking Shanghai down a peg or two with the aditude she was giving you.


Wai- Hold up, did we just switch out or clothes and outfit and hairstyle and haircolor... In the middle of a forest? Well, I guess there aren't that many peeping toms to worry about, but still... COMPLETE LACK OF DECENCY! D<


>Meimu: Revel in your decisive victory over the smarmy doll, then proceed at random into the great unknown!


@Xaltwind: It's edgier that way

Dizzy H. Muffin

Obviously, she slipped into the aperture to change. And/or she just right-clicked on it and chose "eqiup." Also what do you mean hair-color? The color stayed the same. (The style is, of course, just a function of the ribbons.)