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CSA0798: Fourth Wall: Break.


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Hello? Muffin? Are you there? I know I'm supposed to be the one updating Cottagesnagged, but you're pushing a week and a half with no updates, and your absence is quite worrisome! Was it something we said? Or did you just do another acrobatic fucking pirouette? Look, I even used a gap to obscure your apartment number before I posted it on the internet!

Hmph. I guess I'd best continue working on this, if Muffin is going to be hiding. I imagine the Maid of Heart wishes she'd had me doing this long ago! Yes, by the way, that's Muffin's class and aspect. She's the Maid of Heart.

Also, I reserve the right to take bits of a lengthy post containing multiple successive commands, and use only a few of with in a completely different order and meaning than they were intended to have. Moving on!

> Meimu: Exult in your escape from Yukari's punishment!

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So... "Yukari: Assume Direct Control" then? Actually, that one might need to be saved for later.