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The one thing common to all these movies is that your mother expressly forbid you to watch them, not necessarily out of concerns regarding inappropriate content, but because they were all really really bad. You immediately torrented each one in the name of proving me, er, proving her wrong.

Unfortunately, she was right. They were all extremely bad. The Homestuck movies were the worst by far!

You've read the original Homestuck webcomic, incidentally. For some reason, all you can think about at the moment is that you wish they'd provided furigana for that one girl who spoke Japanese, because "ten years old" is still functionally illiterate, since kanji has a character for every word rather than for every sound.

You always act as though you have proven your mother wrong in the majority of cases, and that the instances where you failed to do so are rare flukes. You do this in spite the fact that you have never proven your mother wrong about anything.

> Meimu: Play some phat tunes on the jukebox.

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Hey, I liked Con Air! Or, at least, it met my expectations.