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Chapter 3: Parthenogenetic Youkai GirlChapter 3: Parthenogenetic Youkai Girl

0777.gif: KON YAKUMO
Flighty and OW What!?

The youkai
of awesome!

Flighty and OW What!?

The youkai
of awesome!

You are Meimu, the Youkai of Edges! You have all sorts of abilities, including the opening of apertures, enabling you to travel long distances as if they were short! You are absolutely certain that you are the awesomest person around, human or youkai! Not that anyone recognizes this, of course. They all treat you like a bratty ten-year-old. Named Kon Yakumo. But you'll show them! YOU'LL SHOW THEM ALL!

In point of fact, showing them all was your plan for today. It was also your plan for 49 years ago, which seemed like a pretty good point to interrupt those stories. Gods you hate those stories. They're not about you! You aren't entirely sure why this infuriates you so much, but you resolved to do something about it! And you would've got away with it, too, if it hadn't been for little miss "b'duh b'duh I was never really on your side because you tried to make me go against my best friend," that backstabbing kirin! You know how it is! She cares more about herself and her friends than she cares about you, the important one! You had a perfectly good explanation for your behavior, too, but then you were forced to give everyone the real explanation. And then SOMEBODY (which is to say, me) had to go and take away your ability to travel through time, as well as your awesome Meimu costume.

WHY did I think it was a good idea to make such a long update, when that was what burned me out to begin with!? WHY did I think it was a good idea to insert myself into this!? WHY did I think it was a good idea to let Yukari anywhere NEAR —

Shoosh, Muffin, only dreams now.

Ahem. You are now confined to your room, apparently for the next several hours, or at least (you assume) until they come up with a more ardurous punishment. What will you do first?

> Meimu: Close-up on those posters.

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>Retrieve arms from edges


>Goof around on laptop


>Test the seal on your time travel powers.


>Quickly retrieve arms from Jukebox


>Perform a Suplex on mirror
>Check inventory and/or CODEC


>Develop a new, "edgy" look to show show the world you mean business!


Meimu: No time to waste sulking. Time to strategize the next plot for awesomeness.


>Manipulate the edges of the room to make a way out.


Hmm, something feels off... Oh wait!

↱⇉↬⇛: Accept ">" as command prompt.

Hah! I saw through your little tricky trick, Yukari!


>Hide arms in edges.


(Also, love the title. "Pathegenetic Youkai Girl," hah!)

Um. On that note.

>... did you just hit Yukari through the fourth wall, or was that someone else who tried to give you "Flighty and (something)" as a title?

Dizzy H. Muffin

You don't know what parthenogenesis is, do you


Not before I googled it, nope :P.

At which point I did get the joke, and proceeded to laugh.