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CSA0687: [Aggress] Sacchin: Nine years old vs. first ever spellcard? PANIC BOMB!


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0687.gif: Dream Sign &x300c;Evil Sealing Circle&x300d;

Dream Sign &x300c;Evil Sealing Circle&x300d;

You are now too busy flipping the fricking-fricky-frick out to care whether this is supposed to be some kind of literal recreation of Bullet Hell shoot-'em-ups (which have "bombs" as a gameplay-mechanic), or something which is more closely meant to resemble an actual Spell Card duel (for which "bombs" wouldn't really make sense). Uh ... this counts as aiming right at her as a counter, right?

If anyone's surprised by the way this turned out, you have a bridge in The Demon World you'd like to sell them.

> [Aggress] Sacchin: Back up, graze, and focus shot.

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Sooo.... Does this mean there is a bridge for sale in maki? Because that would be totaly awsome~

Jk~ XD

Still awsome, please keep upthe good work~


Actually there are two kinds of bombs in Touhou: Spell Cards and Spirit Strikes.

The bombs in most shooting games are Spell Cards, while the bombs in IaMP, MoF and SA are Spirit Strikes, that's why they function differently from traditional bombs. Spirit Strikes are of course available in SWR/Soku as a System Card. Meanwhile, the Spirit Strikes in SA are "Remote Spirit Strikes", implying that they come from the partner character.

The English translation patches have always translated Spirit Strikes as simply "Bombs", that's why this difference is not obvious to oversea fans.


Er, in other words, "bombs" do exist in-universe, in the form of spirit strikes.