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CSA0665: Sacchin: When Reimu's not looking, completely freak out.


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As the full weight of the new plan for today sets in, you flip the fricking-fricky-frick out.

> Sacchin: Calm down; flipping out won't get you anywhere.

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Take a deep breath and calm down.


So we're back to this ol' command huh? Well at least it's to be expected from a CSA series. :p

In any case time for some command imputs.

>Sacchin: Freak the frickity frick back.... in.

>Sacchin: Expect the yin-yang orb as the actual tiral here on how to actually controll it.

For a wild shot in the dark now:
>Yin Yang Orb: attempt to recall the abilities that you once had during the so called "PC-98 Era" with Reimu and challenge Sacchin for rights to use you.


Hah, it wouldn't be a CSA without -someone- flipping the fricky-frick out. Though, I have to wonder... since Sacchin apparently knows about HRtP, does that mean she knows of Shingyoku too?

>Sacchin: Entreat the mighty dual-natured gatekeeper for advice!


>Sacchin: Flip the fricking-fricky-frick into Incident mode.


>Yin-Yang Orb: Turn into a cat, and run away.


>Sacchin: Turn all your fricking-fricky-fricks into DETERMINATION.


Welcome back to Legion, Wolf.

>Sacchin: Grab your gohei, the yin-yang orb, and spell cards. Make it happen.


>Sacchin: Grab all the necessary items that you'll need. ALL OF THEM! ... Including this nifty sunglasses Marisa used to wear...


>Sacchin: Develop a new spellcard: Panic Sign 「flip the fricking-fricky-frick out」

Kaze Koichi

> Think happy thoughts. How proud your grandma will be when you pass this test. This is you long-awaited chance to make a name for yourself. Now, go!


>Reimu: Chuckle at how cute she is when she flips the fricking-fricky-frick out. (Sacchin only THOUGHT you couldn't see her.)


>Sacchin: Calm down and get your stuff. You can use the nervous energy for a burst of glory later.

Kaze Koichi

@Ben: I highly doubt we can give commands to Reimu here :-(


>Sacchin: Prepare carefully then eat lunch.

Max Ward

>Sacchin: Ask friend's help because friends helps.


>Sacchin: Let it go, let it out, let it go, let it out, take a deep breath, deep breath, deep breath.

Random person of randmoness

>Cirno: Say Hi.


>Sacchin: Invent new spell cards, maybe involving the Yin-Yang Orb.


Ok, that's enough panic button.

>Sacchin: Time to clam the duck down! We got a job to do! WE WANNA BE THE SHRINE MAIDEN!

......I may or may not have induced rage by mentioning that.

Random person of randmoness

@Kyono ... AAAH!

Random person of randmoness

>Sacchin: Call Cirno on Codec to say "ATATATATATAtATATATATATATA!!!!"
>Cirno: Solve a Pythagorean Theorem problem.

Endark Culi

>Sacchin: Search the drawers for inventory items. Might want to take that box of scraps along as well, because, as Reimu said, 'you never know'.


>Yin-Yang Orb: Snap her out of it by hitting her in the head, deliver sage advice.


>Sacchin: Calm down, and recall what you do know about using the Yin-Yang orb...besides bouncing it around.