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CSA0646: -=->


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0646.gif: 川 Memory
24101.25 Satsuki H.
1666.67 Reimu H.
5412.17 Yukari Y.
10031.94 Rin S.
12527.35 Carroll K.

川 Memory
24101.25 Satsuki H.
1666.67 Reimu H.
5412.17 Yukari Y.
10031.94 Rin S.
12527.35 Carroll K.

And it's even already set up, with a few frequency numbers already saved, even! Today just got unbelievably awesome.

> Sacchin: Call and thank Yukari.

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John Evans

>Call your grandmother and gush about your gift.

Ninja Steve

>harass Carroll via Codec


>Call Yukari to thank her for the gift.


>Press random buttons for possible codec combinations.

Jays Hackworth

>Sacchin: Call Yukari before you explode from joy and awesome.
>Players: Remember Yukari's warning, get someone else to open the next gapbox.
>Players: Raid the last Create.swf for Kawadec frequencies.


Call the number on the back of the box, the one with the strange looking man and woman colored green and black.

Kaze Koichi

>Try some random frequencies, starting with 99999.99


>Let's expand that list of contacts. Dial some random numbers, starting from the top!

>When 99999.99 doesn't turn up anybody, try just dropping to 9999.99. Surely that must work!

(Looked back into SiaMF, it was 6 9s, not 7).


>Sacchin: Call Yukari and properly thank her for the gift. Politeness is good.
>Sacchin: Call Gran-mama and be elated about recent gift.
>Sacchin: Call Carroll and inform of her how awesomely awesome this day's turned out to be!


>Sacchin: Call everyone you can to gush about your gift.

Endark Culi

>Sacchin: Littering is bad! Add discarded ribbon, box, and wrapping paper to your inventory, at least until you find a garbage can.

Max Ward

>Sacchin: Call Yukari to thank her and ask her Chen's frequency


>Sacchin: Call and thank Yukari. Brace for shenanigans. And go make that tea.


>Sacchin: Yay, a CODEC! Now let's call Carrol and find out why Shanghai isn't on our list. Oh, and bug Yukari. How dare she make fun of you for opening something! You knew it came out of a gap, there's only three people who can do that and all of them are nice! Except Yukari! Oh, and thank her for the gift, no need to be rude. Oh, and see if you can get Masha's number too, you never know when you'll need exploding mushrooms...


>Yukari (or whoever Muffin has in mind): forshadow


Didn't Cirno get "The strongest" number in CSA#1? Quick! Dial it!


Important things first. tea time.


Guys, we need to start by calling Masha. The first thing you always do in a sequel is see what the save date from the game 1 clear gives us. So let's if we can carry over any inventory, or unlock special content by checking in with our previous player character.


>Sacchin: Contact Yukari, thank her for gift, then pester her as long as necessary to get Kon's frequency.

... Kon's around now, right?


>Sacchin: No time to chat! Obaa-san's tea must be top priority!

Spirit Tsunami

Satsuki: Avoid sequence breaking. Stick with the numbers you have.