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As far as you and your grandmother are concerned, however, they are also 4. weak enough that two fairies are easy, even for you. You're not that experienced in danmaku combat, but you would say that you're adequate.

(Introducing new-and-improved Strife Modus: AGGRESS! You may now submit combat-commands for the rest of this sequence. Commands will be chosen based on consensus among the submitted commands, the entertainment potential of an action and its results, and how easy depicting it in Create.swf would be.)

> [Aggress] Sacchin: Bap supernatural heads!

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Fairies don't learn beacuse they have no fear of death?

> Teach the Fairies that there are so many things worse than death.


>Subject Fairies to tickle torture.


Fight, Fight, Fight, graze a bullet, panic and flip the fricky frick frick out.


>Show them your game face


Bap some heads, then put on sunglasses and walk away as fairies explose.

>Lets find out if fairies really die when they are killed.

*Won't Get Fooled Again starts playing*

Formica Archonis

Sacchdor 「Bapination」


>Show them what being a Hakurei shrine maiden is all about. (A.k.a. Bapping some supernatural heads.)


>Sacchin: Emulate HtrP-Reimu tactics. You have a gohei for a reason.


Even though this is probably too late.

>Give the Yin-Yang Orb a try.

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