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Chapter 1: Shrine-Maidenly DutiesChapter 1: Shrine-Maidenly Duties

0623.gif: Satsuki Hakurei:
The Trainee Shrine Maiden Of Paradise

Satsuki Hakurei:
The Trainee Shrine Maiden Of Paradise

You are Hakurei Satsuki. Or ... Satsuki Hakurei, you're always getting the name-order mixed up. Uh, your given name is Satsuki, and your family name is Hakurei. Y'know what, let's just call you Sacchin.

(As an aside for new arrivals, red text is for Japanese names in the Western given-name family-name order, and for text which is supposedly translated from Japanese; blue is for names which are already Western, and for text which was in English to begin with; and midori is for Japanese names in the Japanese family-name given-name order, and text which is not translated from Japanese.)

You are in training to become the miko of the Hakurei Shrine (the one inside the Barrier), under Reimu Hakurei, your adopted grandmother, who holds the current title of shrine maiden despite being in her seventies. Your duties will include maintaining both the Shrine and the Hakurei Barrier, resolving Incidents (peacibly or otherwise), and sitting around drinking tea. You are extremely skilled at that last one.

At the moment, you have completed all necessary chores and rituals for the time being, and you finished quickly enough that you now have a little bit of time in which there isn't anything particularly required of you. You're never entirely sure what to do in one of these temporal gaps; generally, either things just sort of happen so that you have something fun to do, or the time ends up entirely wasted. These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Either way, right now you're pretty much free. What will you do first?

> Sacchin: Quickly retrieve arms from [one of eight million jokes]

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YES. I actually get to be around for this one, instead of just catching the end. Welcome back Muffin!

> Crack open some Menus. Check up on current equipment, inventory, spells, abilities, stats, skill point distribution, relationship meters, etc.


At last, now I have a say in the story...

>Sacchin: There is no tea. Use Miko powers to summon the god of tea and fix this.


>Sacchin: Quickly retrieve arms from behind back.
>Sacchin: With obligatory arms joke out of the way, go find Kon, Carol, and/or Shanghai. All three if possible. Hijinks are guaranteed with more than two of you in the same place.


Jumpin the gun a little there, Chitose?

As a sidenote,
>Yukari: Break the fourth wall. Again.


A good girl with green hair. Are we certain that Satsuki isn't the spawn of Reimu and Sanae?


No chores, no rituals, no incidents. That leaves only one duty:

>Prepare, then imbibe, tea.


Sacchin: Retrieve arms from ro- UGH. Everyone else already said it.
Sacchin: Check the chest of drawers.


> oh hey, look! yin-yang orb. Play with it like a cat with yarn.


>Sacchin: Quickly retrieve arms from- Wait a second, we already have arms. Nevermind.

>Sacchin: Practice Tea Drinking.

We have to make sure we stay in shape in case our Miko skills are needed, after all.



Jays Hackworth

>Sacchin: The voices in your head are messengers of magic, listen to them.

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