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2015/10/26 - Arm stuff


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Oh right, I keep forgetting to announce about this ...

Last Tuesday I went over to Hospital #2 to get my arm looked at. My elbow's flexibility isn't anywhere near what it was pre-accident, and he warned me that I'm not going to get full flexibility back at all. That said, it's coming along nicely, just a minor crack left, and I've been instructed that I don't need to wear that bracer all the time anymore, unless possibly if I'm going to be in a big crowd of people or whatever.

I asked when I would be okay for getting back on my bicycle; the doctor got this really nervous look on his face and expressed worry that, if I fell off in any capacity, it would "undo" all his hard work. So I get to wait until December 22 to have him look at it again.

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