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2015/12/22 - Status

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Saw the doctor today. My arm's good enough that he gave me the go ahead to get back on my bike (notwithstanding the terrible weather today, and the fact that my bike is currently at my mom's house). EDIT: Oh right, I have one more appointment in March, but the doctor said that if I feel fine by then, I can just cancel it.

It's just ... ugh. I am on surprisingly good terms with my family, and even then I feel like I'm gonna be too much of a mess to do anything Christmassy, especially on the day itself. I am feeling much too socially drained, I've been getting steadily worse, and, well, the treatment for my arm did not involve putting me back on my bike.

Just ... ughhhh.

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Did you survive Christmas with the family?

Dizzy H. Muffin

I ended up not doing it. My mom was disappointed, but she understood that my mental health comes before wanting family gatherings.


Of course. It can be very stressful being around a bunch of family that you wouldn't normally see that don't approve of your lifestyle but don't understand/don't want to understand the reasons for it.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Nah, the thing is, I actually am on good terms with them and they do support me, and it still felt like officially Too Much.™