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2015/09/08 - Repairs Are Underway

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So I went to hospital #2 (still over an hour's drive away), where I had an appointment scheduled for an X-ray at 10:15 AM, and a more thorough post-surgery examination at 11:15. We got there around 9:55, I got X-rayed after about five minutes, then got examined shortly thereafter, and we left the hospital shortly before 11.

It's too early for anything to be healed yet (other than the incision from the surgery, and even then), but I seem to be in good-enough condition. I no longer have the splint; the surgeon left me with a removable bracer and instructions to give my elbow a little bit of exercise three times a day. I'll spare the gross details, but my arm has a new set of bandages which will fall off on their own in a week or two; the nurse who applied them said that I shouldn't take baths, jacuzzi, sauna etc. for at least two or three days.

My next appointment is scheduled for October 20th, which is probably the last time I'll have to go to hospital #2; I'll just be going to the local hospital from then on.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I am not only permitted but encouraged to remove the bracer when I am sitting down and at rest for long periods of time.

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