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2015/04/21 - My get-up-and-go got up and went

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Yeah, I've kinda been mostly 1. silent, and 2. completely ignoring long-term projects in favor of single-purpose low- and zero-maintenance fluff. I just haven't had any focus or energy for my creative pursuits for some reason. I've been doing some programming, since that consists entirely of problems to solve rather than "making things up," but none of those projects are anywhere near a position where I or anyone else would want to use them.

My bike's axle just broke. Between taxes, the car thing, and the incipient need for air conditioning, I have no money right now, so that's going to have to wait a bit. Oh well, my car still works, so I'm not trapped here; I guess I'll just be walking for exercise for the foreseeable future.

That meter went up enough for me to get in touch with a local therapist (still within biking distance oh wait). More on this as it deveops!

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Raineh Daze

As someone that hasn't checked the site for a long time, I'm glad that you're around, and that you've gotten to the point of talking to someone.