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2015/02/25 - Car Talk


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So, for Christmas, my sister gave me a new car (and by "a new car" I mean "her old car"), which is widening my possibilities considerably. But last month, my mom and stepdad said it was smelling a lot more like gasoline than a car usually should, so I went to get it looked at; the problem is with the gas filler neck. The first two places I went to said that both the filler neck and the parts around it were really "tender", and that they were afraid to do anything lest they break the surrounding parts and turn it into a great big huge expensive project.

Well, the guy at the third place I went to noticed something that I didn't really follow that the other places didn't, which basically meant it would be structurally fairly easy to replace the filler neck without touching the other tender parts. So I'm gonna get that dealt with on Monday he said that the part would arrive at some point on Friday. The price will be kinda steep-ish, but manageable I think. Whew, that's averted ...

No idea when I'll be getting back into working on Everywhere Quest, ugh. I just don't even know at the moment.

Also that meter is creeping upward.

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That's good! *hug*


Hi, I'm a Japanese and I found it wrong your song's title "壊れたの歴史"; with all due respect you're grammatically mistaken. To be correct, "壊れた歴史." "壊れたの歴史" is "History of having broken" in English lol. And "壊れた" is too colloquial to be named so I suggest that you name this song for example "破れし歴史" or "史実壊廃." I'm sorry for not having no idea about where to submit this comment so I posted here. thanks.


Oh, I've missed too lol, "not having" is "having." Speaking with other tongues is difficult.
BTW "史実壊廃" is, to be exact, "History broke up and got obsolete," but I think it's should be translated "Broken History" beacuse "砕月" was translated "Broken Moon" (although "Braking the Moon" is okay, too:っ)).

Dizzy H. Muffin

I freely admit that my grasp of Japanese is limited to Google Translate. Thanks for the assist. I think I'll go with 史実壊廃


It's I who appreciate an understanding of my poor English.