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The Magic Book

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A proof-of-concept, made for the Twiny Jam. [Play in browser /]

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Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

(For the record, I always tested the enter-name thing with "Alice Margatroid")


This seems like an interesting concept. Nice proof of concept as well... Although it seems with actual decision making thrown into the midst it could get real complicated real fast. Or maybe it wouldn't I dunno, my experience with Twine is limited to converting an old Star Wars CYOA book.

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

Well, Twine has fairly easy scripting, and even easier set-variables-when-you-follow-a-link, so what I'd probably do is set it so that every in-book passage would be in the form of, "if you're still 'writing' the book, display the text in second-person form, with links providing options for the player; if it's in read-mode, display the text in third-person form without any links, then automatically go to whichever passage was next."

Also, now I want to do a Star Wars magicbook which literally gives you the opening crawl from the movies in write-mode, and gives it a more conventional introduction in read-mode ...