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2013/08/26: Metablog


Always use secure-HTTP / Unsecure HTTP / Permanent Link

So I sort of completely forgot that my site has a privacy policy. I've updated it to mention that my site has ads and what kind of ads. I also discovered that the WePay donation-button uses Google Analytics; man it was kind of a pain trying to figure out why Ghostery was alerting me about it.

I also added "no hotlinking" to the site's rules. This obviously won't physically stop people from hotlinking, of course, but now you have no excuse for not knowing I don't like it. As I've said before, I'm kind of tempted to make files and images redirect to if my site detects hotlinking, but that might make people hate me.

Also I updated the music page with Japanese Jungle (Short Version), the theme of Carroll's entry into the cottage.

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I googled hotlinking and got confused, just to confirm I understand it. This is the act of linking an image on another site?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yes, i.e. [img=<my site>] on a forum. Like it says on the rules page.


You have rules? I was just getting by on basic netiquette.

(reads rules)

Well, that explains why I haven't been banned yet.