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2012/10/27: Not Getting Better Yet


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On Tuesday, my doctor got me a phone number for a specialist in the field of sleep-problems and depression, and it took me until yesterday to call up the number. I thought I was improving, sort of, but I guess it was just moments of "feeling not as bad as usual." Today I've been feeling ... well, probably not "worse than ever," but that's what it felt like.

There's been times during the couple of months or so when I literally did not have any motivation to do anything except fool around on Twitter (most of which I ignore) or Tumblr (which manages to find ways to make me hate the world even with political tags blacklisted), certain "must do this or you will die" necessities, and playing Solitaire (of all the games I have access to) on my computer.

Have I mentioned that I've been trying to get Social Security for literally over a year, and I'm finally about to go to a hearing a week and a half from now (Wednesday the 7th)? The fact that we're a stone's throw from election day, New England is about two days from getting hit by A Fucking Huge Hurricane, and ALL THE OTHER POLITICAL SHIT (see the upper left corner) does not help my mental state at all.

Ehh. I found it in me to update UtiliKey, at any rate. Not that this could have been high on anyone's priorities, I just wanted to add fullwidth conversion for the hell of it. Blah.

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good luck with the hurricane. you know yet how threatened your area directly will be?

John Evans

Just keep at it. That's what you have to do. I'm not saying it easy--I'm just saying that I'm cheering for you.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@sRc: I've got "High Wind Watch" and "Areal Flood Watch" until Tuesday afternoon, and I've seen announcements about the people in charge of utilities getting more people ready. Basically I'm just going to hide in my apartment until and unless there's a reason to leave.

Hunter 1

Trust me, taking a year for Social Security to get to you isn't unusual at all.

Of course, when OPA wants to increase what you pay or decrease what you get, they want it in a month, but when they do the opposite, it takes a year (damned cost of living increase...).