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2012/10/29: A quick update


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So, my dad took me out to get some non-perishables, a twelve-pack of bottled water, and a flashlight and other things. I had to walk to the bank earlier today, and it was actually not that bad at the time, but things seem to be picking up. I'm going to be hiding in my apartment for the bulk of the next few days; my mom and I are still planning on meeting for lunch tomorrow, but WHO KNOWS. On the other hand, the forecast is that it'll be downgraded to "tropical depression" by the time the center gets anywhere near here. I have this mental image of going through the whole week without the power going out, and without having to use any of my supplies, I never open or even touch the packaging on the water bottles until the news reports say "yep it's over" ... That said, it's still a fucking huge hurricane, so like I said, WHO KNOWS.

I've said it before, but air is fucking scary. All four of the classical elements are, really. I mean, yeah, fire is obvious, but earth because of earthquakes, water because tsunamis and flooding and also because of the hurricane, and yeah.

Anyway ... in other news, I got a call from the office I'd called on Friday regarding the depression-and-sleep-problems specialist, and it turns out that it had been the wrong number. So I got the right number (my mom was acquainted with him), and this voicemail had the actual doctor himself talking, so yeah, just waiting for him to get back now ...

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John Evans

Better to be overprepared than underprepared, yep.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah ... The lights have flickered, but no actual outages yet.

Also, forgot to mention, the doctor got back to me, and I scheduled an appointment for Monday.

Hikari Patchy's Mimic

well I hope you 1( don't need to use those, 2( feel better, and 3( have someone or something to cuddle.

Formica Archonis

Good luck with the weather and the appointment.