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2012/10/16: Some kind of pun about how I saw the doctor today


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So, yeah, the doctor lived up to the somewhat glorious expectations my mom gave me. A wonderful people-person, and she had this penchant for really understanding things.

Nothing's really set in stone at the moment — she hasn't really prescribed anything except "stop being so constantly inert at your computer, you should at least get up and walk around a bit. Not to your fridge." — but I think we're going places here. Also, she agrees that I need a newer mattress and desk chair than "from at least 1996."

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Wonderful to hear! Best of luck, Muffin.

Formica Archonis


Sparky Sparky Boom Witch

Hooray! Things are looking up! I'm glad it's working out so far, and I hope to see you back in action soon.


It's a start. Good luck, man.


Cool. :3 I hope things keep looking up for you.