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2012/10/10: I'm too old to say things like "worst birthday ever"

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Yesterday was my birthday, and it's not that anything went "wrong" exactly. I just ... didn't really care much. I got some money,1 some Pratchett books, a chibi Nick Fury figurine, a couple Steam games ... I don't know, I don't even have much enthusiasm about the gifts.

I have been sleeping even worse than usual lately (my dad is convinced that I need a new mattress, incidentally), and getting only three hours of sleep last night didn't help anything at all; the fact that my reaction was "oh, I'm 27, whatev" was probably just another symptom of my current depression.

Blah. I don't even know. I thought I should at least put up a "birthday" post ...

1Which will, of course, instantly vanish into the black hole that is my college loans.

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Happy birthday to ya! Here's a quick cake for you.

(sorry I haven't commented on much; fighting through senior college year at the moment)


Happy birthday!

Sparky Sparky Boom Witch

That sucks. It's bad enough that you have to feel so bad at all, but on such a special day for you... If I could wrap up some purified happiness and send it to you as a present, I would.

Well, best wishes for your birthday, anyway. Stay strong.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Thanks ...

The doctor's appointment is on Tuesday, for the record.

Ninja Steve

Dude, I reached that point two years ago, and I'm only 22.

Your reaction was completely normal. Being depressed has pretty much nothing to do with it. Not that knowing that will make you feel any better by itself, but still. Just something to keep in mind.


Good luck next week, Muffin.


Happy belated birthday, Muffin~
Even if the gifts weren't enough to make you enthustiatic, you should still be grateful to the people who gave you free stuff. :<
Hope your visit to the doc helps you in some way, or gets you on the path towards feeling better soon.


Best of luck to you, Muffin.


Oy, I'm just repeating everyone else, but what else can be said? Happy Birthday, and may you have the best of luck.