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2010/10/26: Speaking of bikes ...


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So, my bike's back tire got bent out of shape last night (or at any rate before the rain here began). Not sure how; possibly an accident which somehow didn't happen to any of the other bikes on the bike rack, possibly vandalism given my bike-history since I moved to this apartment. The guy at the bike shop bent it most of the way back into shape for $15, but he said it wasn't a permanent solution, and riding on it, it didn't feel like one either, so I'm most likely going to have to plonk down $50 in order to get it actually replaced.

On the bright side, I seem to have pretty much recovered from my previous sickness. But bweh. That's it, I'm going to actually bring it inside.

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This reminds me of the time I was riding my bike when my front wheel just burst from over pumping, and made me flip over with a faceplant.



But still, hooray for good health, I suppose! :P

@Oath:...........ouch @_@.......


I turned around when me and my sister were on our bikes once... ran right into her as I turned and we both ran into each other. And the ground. At the same time.


Man I feel for you. I've lost count how many seats my bikes have lost before the whole thing was taken.


Is it just me or do you have the absolute worst luck with bikes


You were warned about bikes, bro! It keeps hap- *merciless'd*


Darn Bike Vandals... i know this.. same happened to mine, day after day... one time it was stolen, the other times they've let the air outta my tires... i guess the only solution really is to lock it up in your own cellar-room O:
Anyways, its nice to hear that youre getting better :3


Wow, you're an unfortunate man, arn't you?


I once drove downhill pretty fast when some stupid insect came flying into my face, I pulled the wrong brake... and flipped over twice -_-
Result: brakes broken (yes, both of them), apart from that bike intact, left hand broken.


I once took my dad's mountain bike out, broke (or at least dislodged) the speedometer he had installed at about 40 kph, and then a few seconds later the chain fell off. I jumped sideways off the bike and rolled off at an angle; both me and the bike came out more or less okay.

Formica Archonis

Ouch, sucks.:( My coworker and his roommate have given over a large part of their living room to their bikes for just this reason.