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2010/10/31: Happy Halloween


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Yesterday never got above 50 degrees F from beginning to end.

After six or so hours of sleep:

My Body: Wake up! I'm too hot!


All But Superficial Bedsheets: Laterz.

After an hour or so of tossing and turning:

Body: Now I'm too cold!

Me: That's it, I'm taking some Ibuprophen PM before I go to bed tonight.

I amused myself with the fact that Google's logo-thing was a condensed episode of Scooby Doo.

This Morning:

Me: So, have you learned your lesson?

Body: Um ... no?

Me: Bah. At least I got a full night's sleep this time.

Body: Fine, but I'm going to remain all groggy anyway!

Mrowf. I intend to just celebrate this coming Cheap Candy Week.

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My siblings have gotten enough potato chip bags to last them for 2 whole months eating 2 bags per day. I'm amazed at the mountain of chips in my house.


Cheap Candy Week: The real best part of Halloween.

At least until I make some actual friends to go to parties with.


ah...the thing was too short this the one who give the candies when the childs come to my home...but dressed like Marisa.The happy faces who sew me dreesed like a cute witch was priceless.But in my street,have few childs.More candies for us then XD


Horay, I had a fun Halloween party today but I can't sleep because of all of the candy I ate. Now that I come to think about we had no trick-or-treaters tonight so i have a lot of candy tonight. Commence being sick of suger for a week. Anyway happy Halloween everybody!


Happy Halloween, all! I considered putting on the costume I got for this evening, but then I realized I'd be like an athiest taking last rites: all dressed up and nowhere to go.


I'm just surprised that I managed to put together a Daveoutfit on such short notice.


@CapedLuigisYoshi: Were time hijinks involved?


@ -ED: If "I put this together in about 15 minutes" counts as time hijinks, then yes. (The original plan was to go as Karkat, but procrastination made sure to kill off that possibility.)