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2010/10/22: tagged "sister", "car accident", "bike"


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Yeah, uh ... My sister got hit by a car last night while she was on her bike. She got taken to the emergency room, but she is now walking around cheerfully and, at my stepdad's behest, responding to comments about her visible bruises with "You should see the other guy." (On her own initiative, however, she added, "because I didn't!") I've been persuaded I didn't want to see the bump on her forehead hidden nder a bandaid.1 When briefly met with them today, she was wearing $20 reading-glasses they got at CVS, because hers, well, I don't even need to say anything.

I've been sick this past week. I seem to be getting better, though, in part because of advice my mom gave which hadn't occurred to me before.

Hm. The full impact of my sister's accident seems not to be really hitting me, emotionally speaking. I guess I'm just exhausted from the sickness, and relieved that she's doing as well as she is. I dunno. It seems like it's almost a tasteless punchline to mention that I finally got the first two volumes of Scott Pilgrim from her when we met today, and a box of choclates from my crazy uncle in Hawaii. (And another $25 from my aunt a while ago, but I hadn't mentioned that on my blog yet.)

1"On her Third Eye?" as my mom whimsically remarked.

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just take a crapton of Vitamin C when your sick, KM, it helps :)


Well, at least she's all right.


Glad to hear everyone is ok.

Dizzy H. Muffin

and NOW i feel emotionally bleghy

Formica Archonis


Glad to hear she's OK.

Kimiko Muffin

and NOW i feel emotionally bleghy

Sometimes shock just has a delayed reaction, like the brain is so busy processing the now of dealing with the shocking event that it is unable to start working on the then for a while.

Hope MuffinSis is back to 100% quickly.


Well it's good to hear that she's doing okay from what you've stated here. Also, hopefully you'll get better as well.

In any case if you're not up to it you can hold off on working on the comic for now at least.

Also, to add onto that bit you posted in the foot note, maybe with this she might become a Satori because of this.Yeah I know it's very bad, but hey if it makes you laugh than I did my job.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, I'm pretty much done being bleghy. And just about done making the update, actually.


Good that everyone is doing well. You usually hear much worse things in car accidents but thankfully this is not the case.


Very glad to hear it's not nearly as bad as it could have been.


Car accidents seem to be a popular birthday present this year. I'm quite glad to hear she's walking around- I got a broken ankle out of mine! But hey, I guess it's not too bad all things considered. The front end of the car lost three feet, but I only lost one~


well, whas like the thing who happen when my brother burned accidentally his leg...first, i canĀ“t reacted, but after a day i began to feel bad...but he now is very fine, and that is only a bad memory.
Your sister is fine,and all will be better soon. ganbare Muffin!