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2010/10/09: Birthday Haul

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So, yeah. I was born shortly before midnight 25 years ago today. Which is to say, 25 years minus ... a little over three hours by the time this gets out. My birthday swag is as follows:

  • Planescape: Torment via Good Old Games.
  • A total of USD$90 from various sources. ($20 of which was actually payment for previous work helping with the new house's newer porch.)
  • A rather nice red shirt from the grandmothers (That is, my maternal grandmother and her partner.)
  • Pratchett books! Guards! Guards! (the sole remaining Discworld book that I did not yet own), I Shall Wear Midnight (his newest book), and The Unadulterated Cat (let's call it nonfiction, about real cats, not these mass-produced poffballs you get these days. A real cat doesn't have a name, but something you yell at it; a real cat has ears that look like they were trimmed with pinking shears).
  • Edward Gorey's The Osbick Bird in wall-calendar form.
  • A pair of secondhand wireless routers.
  • An IOU for two Scott Pilgrim books from my sister; Amazon's delivery speed has failed her.
  • It is entirely a coincidence, but today is when I saw this silly video.
  • 0 sacred tombs defiled
  • 1 pureed flock of starlings

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once again I shall wish you a day of happiness, and once again I shall follow up the sending by passing out from exhaustion

a pair of wireless routers? how much wireless does one person need?

Dizzy H. Muffin

My mom said "Well, we have these two old wireless routers, because I'm not sure what you'll need; [name of friend] said he thought the smaller one was more like what you needed, but I gave you both of them just in case ..." (Hint: the bigger one doesn't have a Cat5 or cable in-jack, just a DSL/phone jack.) Also, for the record, the smaller one is a D-Link WBR-1310. I still need to actually set it up for either of my computers to actually use it; my main motivation was just to set up a LAN so I could connect directly to my laptop.


Happy belated birthday; I'm glad to hear it went so well. If anyone says being born near christmas is awesome, they're lying.

The Blue Jelly

Happy late birthday =P


Hey! Oct. 9 is my birthday too! Happy birthday, muffin-senpai. :3

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