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2010/10/02: Bweghhh


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Yeah, uh, I never have energy on Saturday nights anymore, and I never have creativity for anything except Create.swf Adventures. (The fact that I've had worse luck than usual sleeping properly doesn't help.)

Putting Touhou Nekokayou on official hiatus as of now. Updates will be sporiadic if at all.

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It's ok, as long as you have time to recover I'm sure that the Nekokayou will be much more interesting then. Besides it gives you time to think what you want to do with it further down th eline once you have enough energy for a release of course.


Take your time, I'm sure all of us (or if not, me) can wait.


nee, donĀ“t worry,because the create.swf adventures are equally good! n_n

Formica Archonis

Rest up. No sense burning out.


No worries. Create.swf Adventures is awesome enough to pick up the slack anyway. There's no need to tire yourself out trying to keep us all happy.


Maybe a vacation from the site for a week or too?

...No, wait, that would kill off all the addicted people. Dang.


Well, after 130 comics, anyone would start to run out of ideas.

The Ace of Scarabs

Thou hast toiled hard enough to be well deserving of a break.

Hikari Patchy's mimic

Hope your rest is good see you when you feel better.