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2010/01/13: MISSION FAILEO


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In light-hearted conversation, I'm fond of introducing myself as "a callow youth with more ideas than good sense." My latest "idea without good sense" was, as you can see, the latest few Touhou Nekokayou comics. I have already described it as a "plane wreck" elsewhere. The problem is that I was trying too hard to (a) finish it up by comic 100, and (b) make comic 100 an Epic comic.

So, what I'm gonna do is remake the past few comics! (Hey, it wouldn't be the first time I've rewritten a story I wasn't satisfied with.) Starting with, let's say, about half of RNL part 4. And I'll try to get it to fit with Touhou Hisoutensoku better, too, whee.

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oh shit, TIME PARADOX!!

i kind of liked the story the way it was, actually. then again, I am a notorious time travel junkie (and hell, even as we speak I have a word processor open where im working on writing a story involving time travel)


Well, just try and make things look smoother, and not to get a Fission Maileo this time

Jonathan Ferxist

Let's have a look at what will happen.
(Hope I'm thinking what you're thinking, sir.)
Also, will this take up the next few Mondays (from timezone +8) instead of new comics?

Young Demon Lord

Okay, so how long should I wait? I haven't read The Last Boss's Story Mode yet, though I saw all the other parts.

Keeps slipping my mind during free time, and...well...I'm doing stuff otherwise. And I'm about to go get lunch now, so I'm not about to read it at this time.


Why not just Fanfic it?


Oh joy. I have to admit, once gaps and time travel got into the picture, the whole plot just kind of spiraled downwards into a pit of mind-screwiness. I never was a particular fan of time travel plots anyway, and there's kind of a point where it just ends up looking like one gigantic ass pull. Hopefully the plot will be clearer the next time around.

Also, will you be leaving in the bit with psycho!Sakuya? C:


well, this just means twice the 100 strip moment, so it's good. Not so much for you seeing you're going to rework so many of them, though, there there, hang on buddy!


...I didn't mind the arc...


Keep the original to confuse peoplez!


Perhaps you should keep the original up. Since, you know, time travel is involved, it could be... THE ALTERNATE UNIVEEEEERRRRRRSE wooooooooo~

Also, a spreadsheet may be needed to understand everything as it is right now, but that's fine - it's time travel.

Nameless Fairy

as long as the cold fusion couple remains i'm happy


Where'd all the comics go? Only the logo is showing up on all the Touhou Saisotensoku comics, even the first three.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Um ... because I was a ⑨ about copying stuff into a new folder |3


I avoided commenting through this particular arc because I couldn't think of a constructive way to put it, but I agree with you here Kimiko. The whole thing just had the smell of bad fanfiction about the time "YUKARI'S EBUL DAUGHTER FRUM DA FUTURE!!!" showed up. (Admittedly I had no way of knowing that at the time, and the comic generally doesn't trample on the English language, but you know what I mean.)
In particular, I think you should avoid using "Manipulation of Borders" as a power so often. It was an awesome unexpectedly omnipotent power when Yukari had it, and Reimu sorta having it makes her feel cool. But once you start abusing it, it just loses something.


I do kinda suspect Meimu in general is Yukari and Reimu's daughter. (I think we all know how that's possible)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh, it is possible. I just don't want to do it that way.